Furniture Removal in Colorado Springs

Furniture removal in Colorado Springs is made easy and efficient with Junk Removal Colorado Springs –– your local experts committed to providing fast, affordable, and eco-friendly solutions. Our dedication to sustainability means we remove your items quickly and dispose of them responsibly, prioritizing recycling and donation wherever possible. 

For a stress-free and same day furniture removal experience that puts the environment and your convenience first, contact us today.

Our Furniture Removal Services in Colorado Springs, CO

When you partner with Junk Removal Colorado Springs, you’re partnering with a junk removal company that values efficiency, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility. Our team is committed to making furniture removal in Colorado Springs, CO, a stress-free process for our clients, adapting our services to meet your needs.

Residential Furniture Removal

Dealing with old or unwanted furniture can be a hassle for homeowners. That’s where we come in. Our residential furniture removal services cover a wide range of items, including old couches, recliners, bedroom sets, and dining room furniture. Whether you’re upgrading your living space or clearing out a loved one’s estate, our team approaches every job with sensitivity and professionalism. 

Commercial Furniture Removal

Businesses frequently update their spaces or relocate, which generates a significant amount of furniture and electronic waste in the process. Our commercial furniture removal services are designed to support companies during these transitions. We’re able to handle every piece of furniture you have in your office. Our team works efficiently to remove items, offering after-hours services to further reduce any impact on your business activities.

Specialized Furniture Removal Solutions

In addition to standard furniture removal, we offer specialized services for items that require extra care or specific disposal methods. This includes antique furniture that may have value beyond mere recycling, as well as heavy and bulky items like pianos and pool tables.

The Furniture Removal Process:
How It Works


Schedule Your Free Estimate

The first step in your furniture removal journey is to reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate. You can do this by calling our office or filling out a form on our website. We’ll ask for a brief description of the items you need to remove and may request photos to provide a more accurate estimate. Once we have the necessary information, we’ll offer you a preliminary quote and schedule a convenient time to view the items in person if needed.


Our Team Takes Care of Everything

After the estimate is approved, we’ll schedule a pickup time that works for you. Our professional and courteous team will arrive within the agreed-upon window, ready to remove your furniture quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to lift a finger — our team will easily handle all the heavy lifting.


Responsible Furniture Disposal and Donation

Once we’ve removed your furniture, we’ll sort through the items to determine what can be recycled or donated. Viable items are donated to local charities and non-profits, giving them a second life and helping those in need. Items that cannot be donated will be recycled whenever possible, minimizing the environmental impact. 

Get Started With Your Furniture Removal Today

If you’re ready to remove unwanted furniture and reclaim your valuable space, we’re here to help with a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly furniture removal service in Colorado Springs. 

You can contact us directly by phone or book online, where you’ll find a simple form to fill out. Provide us with a little information about the furniture you need removed, and we’ll take care of the rest.



  • How do I get rid of unwanted furniture in Colorado Springs?

    You can contact a local junk removal service like Junk Removal Colorado Springs, which offers eco-friendly junk removal services. 

    Additionally, consider donating usable furniture to local charities or non-profit organizations

    Some may offer pickup services for large items. Lastly, check with the Colorado Springs government website for bulk trash pickup days or special disposal events.

  • How do I get rid of an old couch in Colorado City?

    If the couch is in good condition, donating it to a charity or listing it on a community-sharing website could give it a new life. 

    For couches that are beyond repair, hiring a junk removal company is the most convenient option. They will take care of the heavy lifting and make sure your old or new furniture is disposed of responsibly, recycling materials wherever possible.

  • How do you get rid of a large piece of furniture?

    Large furniture items require careful handling due to their size and weight. The best approach is to contact a professional junk removal service that specializes in large furniture removal. These companies are equipped with the necessary tools and manpower to safely remove and transport large items without causing damage to your property. 

    Additionally, they can sort the furniture for donation, recycling, or proper disposal, making the entire process hassle-free for you.

  • Can I leave furniture on the street?

    Leaving old furniture on the street is generally not advisable as it can be considered illegal dumping in many areas, including Colorado Springs.

    Instead, opt for more responsible disposal methods such as hiring a junk removal service, donating to local charities, or utilizing city-provided bulk trash pickup services.