Cleanouts in Colorado Springs

When it comes to efficient and professional cleanouts in Colorado Springs, Junk Removal Colorado Springs is your go-to team. We specialize in comprehensive junk removal services, so that your spaces are clean and clutter-free. Whether you need residential, commercial, or specialized cleanouts, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.


Our Colorado Springs Cleanout Services

Apartment Cleanouts

Handling tenant turnovers or moving out? Our apartment cleanouts make sure that every corner of your unit is spotless and ready for new occupants. We manage everything from furniture removal to deep cleaning.

Office Cleanouts

Upgrading or moving offices? Our office cleanout services efficiently handle the removal of old furniture, electronics, and junk. We’ll leave your office space clean and ready for your new setup, minimizing downtime.

Basement Cleanouts

Basements often become storage spaces for unwanted items. Our basement cleanout services help you clear out the clutter, making your basement a functional space once again. We handle heavy lifting and proper disposal of items.

Estate Cleanouts

Handling an estate cleanout can be emotionally challenging. Our team provides compassionate and efficient estate cleanout services, treating your loved one’s belongings with care and respect. We’ll help you sort, remove, and dispose of items, easing the burden during a difficult time.

Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarding situations require sensitive and thorough cleanout services. Our team is experienced in handling hoarder cleanups, working with care and respect to clear out the clutter and help restore a safe and livable environment.

Garage Cleanouts

Garages can quickly become cluttered with tools, old equipment, and junk. Our garage cleanout services clear out everything, making room for your vehicles and projects. We sort, remove, and clean, leaving your garage organized and spacious.

How It Works


Easy Scheduling

We make scheduling your cleanout simple and convenient. Contact us to set up a time that works for you, and our team will arrive promptly, ready to tackle the job.


Comprehensive Recycling

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices. Items that can be recycled or donated are sorted and handled appropriately, reducing waste and benefiting the community.


Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward and competitive. You’ll receive a clear estimate upfront, with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect.

Why Choose Our Junk Removal Experts Colorado Springs Cleanouts?

Experienced Team

Our team consists of trained professionals who understand the intricacies of cleanouts. We handle every aspect with precision, from heavy lifting to careful sorting so that your space is left clean and clutter-free.

Efficient Service

We pride ourselves on providing efficient cleanout services. Our team works quickly and carefully, minimizing disruption to your routine and promising a swift cleanout process.


At Junk Removal Colorado Springs, we believe in giving back to the community. Items that are still usable are donated to local charities, supporting those in need and reducing landfill waste.

Get Started Clearing Your Space Today!

If you need professional cleanout services in Colorado Springs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team is ready to help you reclaim your space. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how our cleanout services can make a difference in your home or business.